Our corporate philosophy

Eight pillars form the basis for our actions. Eight beliefs that combine to create a single basic concept: our corporate culture.

With the common aim of getting closer to the patient.

1. A human point of view is our absolute prerequisite.

Our goal is to find optimum treatment solutions by looking at the detail. This is facilitated by the fact that, since our foundation in 1970, we have always been a 100% privately run company. Ultimately, it has always been important to us to make our own decisions and follow what we believe to be the right path.

2. Targeted treatment is not possible without looking at the totality of a disease.

This is why medac combines therapeutic and diagnostic agents under one roof. The combination of these two fields, each of which builds upon the other, allows us to continually open up new paths for the benefit of patients. Our work also focuses on supportive medicine.

3. Every patient deserves to be seen as an individual.

And, in order to help doctors, pharmacists and medical personnel to adapt treatments as precisely as possible to their patients and their individual illness, we also provide niche drugs alongside all the conventional products. In addition, we support evidence-based treatments and offer access to ongoing studies of disease. We also use all our expertise to research new medicines for rare diseases.

4. Illness and treatment are easier to accept if quality of life is preserved as far as possible.

This also includes preserving patients’ freedom and independence. In the field of supportive medicine, we offer highly effective products to counteract the concomitant effects of aggressive treatment methods or to mask symptoms with the use of pain therapy. Our ready-to-use syringes can be used independently by patients at home.

5. Even the smallest innovation can make life so much easier.

This is why, in addition to researching non-invasive methods, our activities focus in particular on the further development and new development of our portfolio. We can supply different sizes of a vial or additional administration aids. We publish our research results in collaboration with scientific experts so that both doctors and patients can benefit from our work.

6. Every question put to us deserves an individual response.

We never give rote answers. Instead we work towards a solution, look closely at concerns and problems and come up with concrete, feasible options so that no unnecessary compromises have to be made in a course of treatment.

7. Passing on knowledge is an investment in the future.

For this reason, we offer regular information events and targeted training sessions for medical and pharmaceutical personnel from every field. This allows doctors, hospitals and laboratories to profit from our experience. We also engage in regular exchange of information with universities and research institutes.

8. New horizons will always be opening up in a good partnership.

This is why we back the Hamburg tradition of reliability in our business relationships. Highly experienced field-workers are regularly on hand locally to assist GPs and hospitals as competent contact partners. And as everyone knows, total reliability in terms of product logistics and permanently fast delivery times are a given if your history stems from the Hanseatic League.