medac – Research and Development for patient-based, effective treatment of rare diseases

The pharmaceutical company medac GmbH offers innovative and tested therapeutic agents from its own Research & Development department for applications in the fields of oncology, urology and autoimmune diseases. Around 50 scientists work at the corporate headquarters in Wedel, near Hamburg, Germany, on the development of effective medicines for rare diseases and the continuous improvement of established active substances to achieve the best tolerability in combination with optimum efficacy.

medac GmbH places a high value on close cooperation with its customers: the regular feedback from clinics and hospitals supports the work of the research departments in designing even better versions of the medicinal products. Even at the development stage of active substances, the specialists ensure that the medicines will be easy for the patient to use. In order to improve quality of life, one of the objectives of the development team is that cancer patients will be able to take their medicines themselves in their own homes.

medac – 50 specialty products licensed worldwide
The specialty products developed by medac hold almost 1,000 licences worldwide. The entire company is focused on offering patients the best active substances. Very intensive communication with the markets is used for this purpose. With its lean corporate organisation and short decision-making pathways, medac GmbH is able to respond rapidly and flexibly to market demand. And the experts can act quickly in response to research ideas arising from their own ranks.

medac – pure research for effective treatment
The scientists in medac’s Research & Development team work on long-term research projects as well as product development. New molecules are investigated for potential areas of application. The development of a new active substance begins with the synthesis and investigation of its pharmacological properties.

medac – aiming for long-term success
The research and development work at medac is focused on the long term and its objective is to meet the needs of patients. The ideas are born at the company’s headquarters in Wedel, near Hamburg - and the clinical trials required for the new active substances are implemented all over the world in collaboration with research groups and clinicians before marketing authorisation is obtained from the international authorities.

medac – close cooperation with international licensing authorities When they issue marketing authorisation for new active substances, the international authorities are confirming the efficacy, safety and quality of medac products.  medac GmbH works closely with the authorities to ensure compliance with all regulations. For example, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) specifies precisely to the pharmaceutical companies how medicinal products in Europe must be developed and what clinical trials with relevant requirements must be conducted. Clinicians support medac in the implementation of the trials. Coordination with the authorities is ongoing via the in-house specialist Research & Development and Regulatory Affairs departments.