medac – effective therapeutic agents for optimum treatment

The pharmaceutical company medac GmbH has been offering innovative and tested therapeutic agents for the fields of oncology, haematology and urology, for rheumatic, gastrointestinal and dermatological autoimmune diseases and for the neurosurgery sector for forty years. The decisive criterion is good tolerability alongside an optimum effect.

medac GmbH also offers products to alleviate the side effects of cancer drugs, such as dry mouth or hand-foot syndrome. medac’s range also includes an anticoagulant product for the medicinal dissolution of blood clots, or “fibrinolysis” as it is known.

In addition to the wide range of established therapeutic agents, medac GmbH also places great importance on the research and further development of products that are only used for very rare diseases. The focus here is on concrete assistance and the wellbeing of the patient.

medac – patient-friendly administration for greater quality of life

Even in the development of the active substances, the specialists ensure that the medicines are easy for the patient or medical professionals to use, whether as an infusion, in tablet form or even as a pre-filled syringe. medac GmbH offers innovative administration systems with which the patient can safely take the medicine himself at home, with the aim of improving quality of life.

One example of this is the world’s first methotrexate pre-filled autopen, which was launched on the German market by medac GmbH on 1 January 2013. The metex® PEN makes it easier for patients to self-inject methotrexate, an active substance, one of the uses of which is in the treatment of rheumatic and dermatological diseases.

When designing the metex® PEN, medac GmbH focused in particular on patient-friendly and safe handling. The autopen is fitted with a needle protection device for medical professionals and the patient. This is automatically triggered after the injection.

medac – short routes for the best care

About 250 specialists in the Therapeutics sector at the German corporate headquarters in Wedel near Hamburg and in the regions are responsible for ensuring that the effective medicines are available all over the world as quickly as possible. In order to ensure that patients are optimally provided for, medac GmbH has production facilities at the nearby German location of Dessau and in Brno in the Czech Republic.

medac – original supplier in Germany and Europe

medac GmbH offers medicinal products and aids that are unique on the therapeutic agents market. One example of this is the active substance 5-Ala, which is used during a cancer operation to make certain types of brain tumour (known as malignant gliomas) visible.

medac’s product portfolio of therapeutic agents is broadly based to provide the best possible patient care, and it is also optimally complementary: in addition to original products, the company also offers tried and tested generic medicines which help the healthcare system in economic terms.

medac – scientific service and continuing professional development for doctors, pharmacists and nursing staff

medac GmbH is a partner to the professional associations and a scientific contact partner for doctors, pharmacists and university research institutes. Numerous continuing development offers help specialist medical professionals to use medac therapeutic agents wisely and safely. Educational events are held regularly for this purpose.

When they license new medicinal products, the international authorities are confirming the efficacy, safety and quality of medac products. International audits are undertaken regularly to check the operating procedures at medac and its supply partners. These self-inspections are prescribed by law and ensure that, with the aid of its documented operating sequences, medac GmbH produces high-quality products.