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medac and Provecs Medical cooperate in immuno-oncology product development

medac Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH and Provecs Medical GmbH today announce to partner in development and production of immuno-oncology therapeutics.

In this cooperation medac´s market expertise in oncology and haematology will be complemented by Provecs´ development know-how based on its ENVIRO technology platform for innovative immunotherapeutics. By combining their competences, the partners head to develop, produce and market novel treatment options in cancer immunotherapy.

Products derived from this platform are genetically modified cold-viruses (adenoviruses) engineered to drive production of combinations of immuno-active proteins into the tumor tissue to induce tumor cell recognition and destruction.

With its decades of experience in conventional cancer treatments, medac now enters the cancer immunotherapy space and, by partnering with Provecs Medical, pursues an innovative and proprietary therapy concept.

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