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  • medac stands for ...
    ... a human point of view.

    Patients suffering from a chronic or long-term illness expect a reliable diagnosis and effective treatment. They want to be seen as individuals, with an individual clinical history. They are looking for their needs to be taken into account, and they want the support of someone they can trust both during the treatment and  beyond. Doctors, pharmacists and medical staff are aware of this, and do their best not just to provide patients with the best possible treatment, but also to reassure them that they are in good hands.       
    At medac, we have made it our business to offer you the best possible support. 
    We are a growing global pharmaceutical company based in Germany. As early as 1970 we started to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological, urological and autoimmune diseases, and we are aware of the special requirements of these fields. We take responsibility for our actions, and our entire expertise is dedicated to providing patients, doctors, laboratory assistants and clinics with safe products of irreproachable quality.
     We also set high standards when it comes to personal support.
    Our qualified employees are always on hand to answer your medical questions. With numerous information events, targeted training and regular visits by ourrepresentatives, they provide the forndation for a close partnership based on trust.  In this way, we help you to choose the best treatment for your patient.

    Your Contact
    medac GmbH
    Head Office
    Theaterstraße 6 22880 Wedel Germany

    Since 1970 medac stands for...
    ... the opportunity to find new approaches.


    • 1970: medac founded
    • 1974: medac starts to specialise in oncology
    • 1992: Austrian branch founded in Vienna 
    • 1993: branch in the UK set up 
    • 1996: Czech branch founded in Prague 
    • 1997: Schering AG, Berlin, acquires 25% of the company’s shares medac obtains marketing rights throughout Germany for fludarabine phosphate and cyproterone acetate as oncological drugs
    • 1998: Schering AG, Berlin, licenses in aminolevulinic acid for the diagnosis of superficial bladder carcinoma with rights in most European countries
    • 1999: medac moves out of Hamburg city centre to new headquarters in Wedel, Schleswig-Holstein Foundation of medac Scandinavia with head office in Varberg, Sweden
      Foundation of Oncotec GmbH, as a producer of cytostatic drugs in Tornau, Dessau
      Foundation of ProThera GmbH in Jena, for the genetically engineered production of recombinant proteins 
    • 2002: foundation of photonamic GmbH & Co KG, as a new medac subsidiary specialising in research into fluorescence diagnostics and photodynamic treatments – since 7.3.2002, it has been possible to order research reagents and in vitro diagnostics over the internet 
      Foundation of medac Polska, with head office in Warsaw
    • 2005: the original shareholders acquire Schering AG’s share in medac 
    • 2008: foundation of medac Portugal, Lisbon
      Conclusion of second stage of Oncotec building project, followed immediately by the third stage 
      European launch of Gliolan, the first preparation completely developed by medac
    • 2010: centre set up in Tornesch for logistics, quality assurance and the development, manufacture and ongoing support in the use of diagnostic agents
    • 2014: number of medac employees rises to over 1000

    Our corporate philosophy

    Eight pillars form the basis of all our activities.
    Eight convictions, which unite in a single basic idea – our corporate philosophy. Working together to stay close to the customer.

    Our objective is to find the ideal solutions and best possible treatment for the patient, always taking the level of detail into account. It helps, in this connection, that since we were first founded in 1970 we have been a one hundred percent privately managed company. In the last resort it was always important to us to be responsible for our own decisions, and to strike out on the path we thought right.

    This is why at medac we combine therapeutic and diagnostic agents under one roof. Thanks to the combination of these two mutually complementary sectors, we can always open up new paths for the benefit of the patient. In this connection, supportive medicine is a further important part of the work we do.

    And in order to make it easier for doctors, pharmacists and medical staff to tailor therapy as exactly as possible to their patients in the light of the clinical picture, we not only supply all standard preparations but also offer niche therapeutic products. Moreover we support evidence-based treatments, and offer links to ongoing clinical studies. In addition, our entire expertise goes into researching pharmaceutical products for rare diseases. 

    This includes upholding the freedom and independence of patients. In the area of supportive medicine, we offer highly effective preparations to control the side effects of aggressive methods of treatment, or phase out symptoms with the help of pain therapy. Our pre-filled injectors can be used by patients independently in their own home.

    So along with research into non-invasive methods, a central part of our activity is dedicated to the development and refining of our portfolio. We can provide a vial in a different size, or offer additional aids to make an application easier. We publish our research findings in partnership with scientific experts, so that both medical practitioners and patients can benefit from our work.

    We never give standard answers. We work in a solution-oriented way, take a close look at the patient’s problems and concerns and highlight concrete possibilities that make sense, so that treatment will not involve any unnecessary compromises.

    This is the reason why we offer information briefings on a regular basis, and organise systematic training courses for medical and pharmaceutical staff in all areas. In this way doctors, clinics and laboratories can all benefit from our experience. We also carry on regular dialogue with universities and research institutes.

    This is why, in our business relationships, we put our trust in true Hanseatic dependability. Field service employees with many years of experience regularly visit doctors’ surgeries and clinics, and are their first point of contact for well qualified support. Moreover, in keeping with the Hanseatic traditions we come from, total reliability when it comes to goods logistics, and swift delivery times in all circumstances, are things that we simply take for granted.

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