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    Strong partnership for research and development and product in-licensing 

    medac is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, offering niche products for the German market and many international markets in the fields of oncology, urology and autoimmune diseases. A dedicated Diagnostics arm rounds off our corporate organisation. 
    Our portfolio includes both established products, and new and innovative medicaments for rare diseases. Specialist sales and marketing teams work to introduce medac’s products to the relevant markets – both in Germany and all over the world, with a direct local presence guaranteed by our subsidiary branches. 

    We lay great emphasis on close partnership with our customers. Even in the development stage, we work to ensure that the medicaments we offer will not only be highly efficacious and without unpleasant side effects, but will also be found user-friendly by doctors, pharmacists and patients alike.

    With a view to sustainable corporate growth, medac invests continually in innovative development projects. As a result we are constantly extending the range of drugs on offer, and currently hold nearly 1000 drug certifications. 

    We are always looking to form new partnerships with companies or research groups. These can extend from research and development to the in-licensing of products.        

    Please contact us by way of the following address:

    medac – effective therapeutics for the best possible treatment
    In the fields of oncology and haematology, rheumatic and dermatological auto-immune diseases and neurosurgery, the pharmaceutical company medac has been offering innovative and tried and tested therapeutic drugs for 40 years. Crucial factors of our products are supreme effectiveness and the absence of side effects. In addition medac offers preparations which alleviate side effects like oral desiccation and hand and foot syndrome. Also when it comes to the drug-based dissolution of blood clots (a procedure known as fibrinolysis), medac offers a range of effective anticoagulants.         
    Alongside a wide range of established therapeutic agents, medac also lays major emphasis on researching and refining new preparations which are used only in connection with extremely rare diseases. Our principal concern here is to provide concrete support and maximise benefit to the patient.

    medac – patient-friendly applications for improved life quality 
    Even at the stage of development of the active ingredients, our specialists ensure that the drugs we provide will be easy for patients and specialists to use – as an infusion, in tablet form or as a pre-filled syringe. With a view to improving life quality for the patient, medac offers innovative application systems with the help of which patients can safely administer their own treatment at home.       
    One example of this is the world’s first methotrexate pre-filled pen, introduced to the German market by medac on 1 January 2013.       
    In designing the pre-filled pen, medac laid particular emphasis on safe and patient-friendly handling. The pre-filled injector comes with a needle guard for the benefit of patients and medical staff. This will be automatically activated once the injection has been carried out.
    medac – short routes for effective supply
    In our Therapeutics division, around 250 specialists at our German corporate head office in Wedel, near Hamburg, and at our regional branches are responsible for ensuring that effective drugs are supplied all over the world by the speediest route possible. To ensure that patients can be swiftly supplied wherever they are, medac has production plants at neighbouring Dessau in Germany, and at Brno in the Czech Republic.

    medac – an original supplier in Germany and in Europe
    medac offers drugs and therapeutic agents which are unique on the market. One example is 5-aminolavulinic acid, an active substance which is used during a tumour operation to make certain brain tumours visible.        

    To ensure the best possible supply of therapeutic drugs to the patient, medac’s product portfolio is broadly based, and the different products complement each other perfectly. Along with original preparations, the company also offers a range of tried and tested generics. This avoids putting too much strain on the health system from the economic point of view.        

    medac – scientific service and further training for medical practitioners, pharmacists and care personnel 
    medac is a partner to specialist companies, and maintains close scientific contacts with doctors, pharmacists and university research institutes. We offer numerous further training courses to support medical specialist staff, equipping them to make the safest and most effective use of medac’s therapeutic drugs. We organise further training events on a regular basis.        
    By giving new effective ingredients the stamp of their approval, the international authorities confirm the efficacy, safety and quality of medac’s products. International audits take place at frequent intervals to check medac’s working processes and those of its partner suppliers. These self-inspections are based on mandatory statutory requirements, and ensure that medac produces only quality products based on thorough documentation of its working procedures.

    Diagnostics and therapy from a single source
    medac is the only German pharmaceutical company to offer both diagnostic and therapeutic agents developed and produced by itself. This creates the best possible basis for personalised medicine in the development and ongoing improvement of effective ingredients. Accurate, patient-focused diagnostics is essential for the optimisation of therapeutic measures and so for successful treatment.

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