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    Dear Sir/ madam,

    We are happy to answer any questions on adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in connection with the use of our products.

    We will try to provide you with further information. If you report a suspected adverse reaction we would like to ask you to document your observations.

    In general, we are interested in all reports of suspected adverse reactions of our products, regardless of whether they were expected or not, severe or not severe, rare or common. The main focus is on particularly severe and on unexpected cases.

    In order to ensure continuous monitoring of the risk-benefit profile of our products, we would like to ask for the help of everyone affected.

    Report on a suspected adverse drug reaction (ADR)

    Using this form, you can report a suspected adverse drug reaction (ADR) directly. We will reply as soon as possible.

    The details will be transmitted to the following address:

    medac GmbH
    Theaterstrasse 6
    22880 Wedel

    Tel.: 04103 / 8006-777
    Fax: 04103 / 8006-9130

    Patient details

    These data are needed to identify duplicate reports and to facilitate identification of the affected patient in case of questions.

    Adverse drug reaction (ADR)
    Preparations (before occurrence of undesirable side-effects)
    Relevant history and comments
    Contact details

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


    Please consult our data protection policy.

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