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    Bachelor of Science (m/f) in Business Management

    As a dual student taking a BSc degree in Business Studies, you will become familiar with a wide range of commercial and business management departments in the course of your work with us. You will support all the processes of the company from the business management angle, and will be employed in commercially focused departments like Sales and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Logistics, HR and Controlling. You will have the opportunity of applying the academic knowledge you acquire at the Nordakademie university in a wide range of commercial departments, and so combining theory and practice in the best possible way.

    An experiential report by our dual students gives you a direct account of practical working life at our company.

    In the course of your studies you will also have the possibility of choosing between different areas of specialism, and so deepening your interests and capabilities.

    Because of our international orientation, you will have the opportunity, during the practical part of the course, of taking English lessons at medac once a week.

    After having completed your dual studies at medac, you will be in a position to analyse complex decision processes and shape them more efficiently, and so take on responsibility for a challenging set of tasks at our company.

    As well as being successful in the selection procedure at the Nordakademie university, you should have passed the Abitur examination or else be able to show a Fachhochschulreife school leaving qualification with good to excellent marks in the subjects Maths, German and English. A capacity for analytical and logical thinking, good communication skills, an enjoyment of teamwork, a confident manner and an interest in business affairs will help you to succeed in your dual studies at medac.

    Duration of training
    7 semesters (3.5 years)

    Main subjects studied on the theoretical part of the course

    • Introduction to business studies and economics
    • Scientific working processes and methodology
    • Financial accounting
    • Accounts and Controlling
    • Foundations of business taxation
    • Marketing
    • Strategic and international management
    • HR management
    • Logistics
    • Investments and finance
    • Economic mathematics
    • Business law
    • Business management application systems
    • Introduction to data processing

    Main subjects studied on the practical part of the course

    • Accounting
    • Sales and service
    • Marketing
    • Controlling
    • Procurement / purchasing
    • Production
    • HR management

    Further information about the career path

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