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    Work Experience

    Training as a specialist (m/f) in warehousing logistics

    As a trainee aspiring to become a specialist in warehousing logistics, you will be responsible for logistics planning and organisation at our company. You will take delivery of goods, check them and store them appropriately. In addition, the packaging and transportation of goods within the warehouse will form part of your daily responsibilities.

    You will lend support for the execution of inventories, in drawing up loading lists or processing dispatch papers and accompanying documents. At our ultra-modern logistics centre in Tornesch, which was completed in 2011, you will be employed in all important sectors of the warehouse (incoming goods, warehouse management, order picking, packaging, dispatch and intralogistics). This will give you a comprehensive overview of the entire range of medac’s logistics activities.  

    Your training will be based on the ‘dual system’, that is to say you will be learning on the job as well as attending a course at the vocational college in Pinneberg. The academic part of the course will give you a theoretical grasp of all the themes and processes which you will be working with at our company on the practical level.

    Job profile
    For professional training to become a specialist in warehouse logistics, you need to have not only physical fitness, but conscientiousness, team spirit and a capacity for working on your own initiative. To be taken on as a trainee, you must have either a very good Hauptschule [secondary modern school; to year 9 in Germany] school leaving qualification, or else an average school leaving qualification from a Realschule [secondary modern school; to year 10 in Germany].

    Duration of training
    Three years as a standard (shorter period an option)

    Further information about the career path

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