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    Trainee IT specialist (m/f) in system integration

    As a trainee IT specialist in system integration, you will play an important part in the adaptation and introduction of new systems. You will function as an important link between the requirements of the specialist divisions on the one hand, and the realisation of different systems on the other. Advising and supporting employees in the use of these systems for dealing with operational tasks of the division, and administering the systems, will form part of your daily responsibilities. Other interesting activities with which you will become acquainted in the course of your training at medac are the procurement, installation and configuration of IT systems, the planning and execution of projects and the rectification of faults in daily IT operations.

    An experiential report by our trainees gives you a direct account of practical working life at our company.

    Your training will be based on the ‘dual system’ – that is to say, you will be learning on the job as well as attending a course at the vocational college in Elmshorn. In the academic part of the training you will acquire a theoretical knowledge of themes and processes which you can then use at medac on a practical level.  

    In view of our international orientation, you will have the opportunity, during the practical phase of the course, of attending English lessons at medac once a week.


    You must have a good to excellent Realschule school leaving qualification, or else have passed the Abitur examination. In addition, you should be able to show technical interests and good EDP skills. Reliability, conscientiousness, team spirit and commitment are important characteristics which will help you to complete your training at medac in the best possible way.

    Duration of training
    Three years as a standard (shorter period an option)

    Further information about the career path

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