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    Tips and FAQ´s

    Here you can get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    As long as a job is still advertised online, this means that the application process has not been concluded yet and you are still welcome to apply via the online portal.

    Please apply directly online by clicking on the link in the job advert.

    An online application will register all the information relevant to the job in question in our applicant management system. In this way, we can view your application directly as soon as you have submitted your details. This speeds things up, makes it much easier for us to process your application and ensures compliance with data protection regulations ( 

    Please note that any files uploaded have a maximum limit of 50 MB and will not be write-protected.

    Yes, you are very welcome to do so if your qualifications and professional experience are suited to our company in general and we have not posted a corresponding job advert.  Please apply by clicking on the link for unsolicited applications and explain in your motivation for applying which area of our company is of particular interest to you.

    Please note that if you submit an unsolicited application, we will not always be able to give you a specific response about your chance of success immediately. We like to take a bit of time to look carefully into the possibility of you finding a position with us.

    You can apply by simply uploading your CV. We would appreciate it, however, if you included a cover letter explaining your motivation for applying for this particular opening and why this would be the next career step for you. This will allow us a first impression of you as a person and your reasons for wanting to work for us.

    In particular if the position you are applying for would mean a career change for you, it is important that we can understand why you are interested in this new direction and which skills qualify you for the opening to offset any lack of experience.

    Certificates are also useful to show us more about you and your abilities. If your application is successful, we will require your certificates either way.

    If you are at the start of your career or still studying, we would like to ask you to submit a complete application including cover letter and certificates (incl. school leaving certificate and an overview of current university grades).

    Once we receive your application, we will consider whether your profile is suited to the requirements of the job. If this is a match in principle, we will decide whether to invite you for an initial interview, where you will usually meet your future manager and one of our recruitment managers. The interview will be held via Zoom, Teams or in person at one of our sites in Wedel or Tornesch. We may phone you in advance of the actual interview to clarify any issues.

     If the first impression is a positive one for both parties, you will usually be invited to a second interview, where you will often meet another manager and, most importantly, some of your future teammates. This is because we believe it is important that you get along with your future colleagues, for instance. The details of your contract will also be discussed on this occasion or afterwards in a phone call with one of our recruitment managers. Joint signature of the contract of employment completes the application process.

    No. We look forward to receiving your direct application through our online portal.  This will allow us to contact you without delay or go-betweens.

    Training by digital means is definitely a challenge. Nevertheless, we have become quite good at it since the spring of 2020 as we did not stop hiring staff at any point. We place particular importance on the best possible protection of our employees and have therefore developed appropriate concepts for our different business areas.

    We supply the technical equipment and support needed to allow anyone in an office position to work from home. But don’t worry about being left all alone: You will be part of the team from day one and invited to online meetings and lunchbreaks as well as for face-to-face meetings on our premises. We have even held virtual team events and enjoyed them greatly.

    If working remotely is not an option for your position, we will supply you with adequate protective equipment.

    You can find detailed information on our benefits at:

    Do you have any other questions? The Recruitment Team will be happy to help you. Please contact them at or by telephone ‑ 04103-8006-9469 or -8735.

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