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    medac Diagnostika

    medac - diagnostics and therapeutics under one roof

    As the only pharmaceutical company in Germany, medac supplies diagnostic and therapeutic agents from its own development and production. In the area of personalised medicine, this means that we have the best prerequisites for the development and continuous improvement of active substances. Precise, patient-specific diagnostics are crucial for optimising therapeutic measures and the best possible treatment outcome.


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    Autoimmune diagnostics with the BioCLIA® 6500

    medac starts with the sale of autoimmune diagnostics

    medac is a very successful global provider of basic autoimmune therapy. Now, we are expanding our product portfolio with the introduction of more than 50 BioCLIA test kits for the detection of specific autoantibodies as well as an innovative and fully automated chemiluminescence system. The BioCLIA® 6500 from HOB® Biotech is currently the fastest random access system and delivers up to 200 test results within one hour. Not only the patient samples but also all consumables can be recharged at any time during operation, which is unique. With a bidirectional connection to the laboratory information system, only a few steps are required to carry out the examinations. The self-explanatory user interface makes the operation of the device a breeze. The BioCLIA® 6500 is very quiet and contributes only slightly to the noise level in the laboratory. The 24 reagent stations are cooled, so that the test kits can be stored in the system. With this extension, medac offers therapy and diagnostics from a single source and establishes itself as an autoimmune specialist.

    Please find more information about of BioCLIA® 6500 in our download-centre, directly under or on our website .

    Video of the BioCLIA® 6500:

    The medac Diagnostics division counts more than 60 employees who are responsible for the development, production and marketing of in vitro diagnostics (IVD). These are standardised methods and reagents used in specialised laboratories for the testing of patient samples and the identification of diseases. Blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine and tissue samples are assayed here.

    medac specialises in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, tumours, and in life science research and undertakes these services for registered laboratory physicians, hospital laboratories and research organisations.

    medac has decades of experience in developing diagnostics for the diagnosis of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi.

    medac’s Diagnostics staff supplies laboratories with modern microbiological, molecularbiological and immunohistochemical methods for identifying the acute phase of an infectious disease. These can be used to directly identify a large range of pathogens.

    medac supplies IVDs for the determination of pathogen-specific antibodies to diagnose the stage of a disease, immunological reactions or vaccination success. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays are of the highest quality thanks to diagnostic tests patented by medac.

    The principle fields of application for products for diagnosing infectious diseases are in reproductive medicine, diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and transplantation diagnostics and the diagnosing of tick-transmitted diseases.

    In the fiel of oncological diagnostics medac focusses on the diagnosis and differentiation of tumour tissue using special methods such as immunohistochemistry. Tumour proteins are made visible under a microscope. The results often reveal important information on the tumour’s individual characteristics which can help physicians choose the right treatment for their patients.

    medac has more than 4,000 individual reagents of tested and certified quality on offer for the purpose of tumour diagnostics.

    The medac Diagnostics division also contributes with innovations to research and development projects by developing diagnostic tools for monitoring the efficacy of medicinal products during clinical and therapeutic studies.

    Armed with the extensive medac portfolio of antibodies and diagnostic reagents the highly qualified team of specialists is available to answer any user questions concerning the various methods of life science research and the development of new diagnostic products in universities, research institutes and biotech companies.

    Extensive diagnostic evaluations, independent reports by opinon-makers and numerous scientific publications prove the very high sensitivity and specificity as well as the diagnostic reliability of the medac products. All in vitro diagnostics of medac GmbH have been TÜV CE-certified since 2000.

    The medac Diagnostics staff place particular importance on the continuous professional support of physicians and the technical employees of the customer laboratories. Besides answering questions and providing support in case of problems during routine diagnostics, the service also includes the provision of scientific information and training.    

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