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    This page gives you the opportunity of reporting any adverse drug reactions (ADRs) resulting from the use of medac’s medical products. Please make use of the ADR form which we have specially provided for you. As a rule you will receive an acknowledgement of your message, and further information if you request it.

    Our preparations are subject to continuous monitoring in the light of the benefit to risk profile. So as to make it possible for us to take any necessary steps, the notification of side effects is an essential prerequisite, and we would ask you please to contribute in any way you can.

    For urgent issues having to do with pharmaceutical safety we can be reached even out of normal business hours. If you call our central switchboard on +49 (0)4103 8006-0, your call will be forwarded in case of need. In a case of symptoms requiring urgent treatment, please contact the emergency services.


    Die Angaben dienen dazu, Doppelmeldungen zu entdecken und bei Rückfragen die Identifizierung des betroffenen Patienten zu erleichtern.

    Unerwünschte Arzneimittelwirkung (UAW)
    Präparate (vor Auftreten der UAW)
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