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  • What is infusion therapy?

    In severe, long-term illnesses such as cancer, chemotherapy is used. Often, continuous infusions are necessary as part of the treatment.

    Frequently, patients are only admitted to hospital so that these infusions can be administered or they have to spend several hours a day in outpatient clinics.

    With Surefuser™+, patients can remain in their familiar surroundings at home during difficult phases of their illness.



    Frequently asked questions

    The Surefuser™+ is a portable, elastomeric pump that ensures continuous infusion. It is independent of external energy sources.

    Through contractions of the filled balloon, the solution for infusion flows into the infusion line. The flow regulator in the infusion line ensures the correct infusion rate.

    The Surefuser™+ is easy to fill, operates noiselessly, is reliable and supports patients when receiving infusion therapy.

    Volumes of 50, 100 and 250 ml are available with the Surefuser™+ system, allowing for a continuous infusion over 0.5 to 167 hours.

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